You’re getting a new $600 stimulus check next month if you live in this one state

Several million people are getting a new $600 stimulus payment next month. Before you get carried away with your rejoicing, however, there’s a big caveat to add. This is a California stimulus check we’re referring to, exclusive to residents of the Golden State, the recently approved $100 billion budget of which is making possible.

Benefits of the state budget deal signed into law in recent weeks by California Gov. Gavin Newsom include the following. Among other things, millions of Californians who make between $30,000 and $75,000 a year will get the $600 stimulus check. A payment, we should note, that is an extension of the California stimulus effort that already sent out $600 stimulus checks to low-income state residents earlier this year.

California stimulus check coming in September

This also comes, of course, against the backdrop of the continued stimulus check rollout at the federal level. At the same time as Californians are set to get a few hundred extra dollars from the state, the same thing is also coming in the form of child tax credit payments.

Through December, American families with eligible children are getting a total of six monthly checks. Those checks, for all practical purposes, are new stimulus payments. More specifically, they’re partial advance payments of the expanded federal child tax credit. At the same time, the rollout of stimulus check #3 from the federal government, generally for $1,400, is also continuing. The California stimulus check, meanwhile, is along the lines of the latter — a true one-and-done infusion of stimulus cash.

Another important note to add about the California effort: The state budget also provides $500 payments for undocumented migrant families. In addition to parents and guardians of dependent children.

Additional details

Almost 40 million people live in the state, meanwhile. And of those, some 26 million can expect to receive this new California stimulus check, according to estimates.

In a tweet last month, Newsom’s office lauded this effort as “the largest tax rebate in US history, that will go directly to middle-class Californians & families.” Among other facets of California’s new stimulus plan, the state is also now offering the largest renter assistance package of any state in the US. There’s a total of $5.2 billion to help low-income renters and landlords that’s included. The help is intended to cover 100% of back rent, as well as prospective rent for several months into the future…Read more>>


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