Why Can’t I Hear the Vocals When Playing Music on My Phone?


We have a fun one in this week’s Tech 911 column. It’s such a weird issue at first glance, that I won’t even tee it up with a lofty introduction. I’ll let Lifehacker reader Natalie explain—and, yes, she called the subject line of her email “YouTube Audio Witchcraft.” That’s how quirky this one is.

She writes:

I don’t know if you’re still answering tech questions, but here’s mine that’s driving me crazy. I’ve googled it and can’t find anything! Google has failed me!

On a mobile device, this video only plays the background music not the audio. Until you put in headphones… then BAM there’s the Beatles singing along with the background music. My teenage brother says it’s to fool YouTube’s copyright infringement software, but I thought YouTube’s software was near omnipotent and UNFOOLABLE. YouTube has failed too! What is this world coming too?


Can you tell me what’s happening? Some sort of audio balance voodoo?

P.S. (I already checked, the singing comes out of both the left and right side of the headphones.)

First, here’s the video in question, so you can all have a listen and see for ourselves.

My initial thought is that the video sounds strange—as if the vocals have almost been pushed out of the mix entirely, in favor of those classic 1960s guitar rhythms. I think the video’s creator is to blame, and it’s certainly possible they made some audio modifications before uploading this to YouTube in an effort to escape the latter’s flagging mechanisms.

As for why you only hear your song’s backing tracks when you’re listening via your device’s speaker, but a more complete song when you pop your headphones in, it’s possible that your device only has a single, mono speaker. You should still be able to hear the vocals, though—at least, I could when I tested this out using a single speaker on my PC (which is, admittedly, a lot different than what you’ll hear from your smartphone).

Here’s where it gets even crazier. In the video you sent me in your email—the video I’ve linked above—I hear (subdued) vocals whether I’m panning to the left or right channel. However, consider this other “Please Mr. Postman” video on YouTube, which sounds a lot better than your video at first glance………Read More>>


Source:- lifehacker


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