When To Expect Your Delayed IRS Refund

Due to a backlog of tax returns held by the IRS, millions of Americans are experiencing weeks-long delays in receiving their tax refunds, far beyond a typical turnaround time of three weeks. The IRS has acknowledged the delay, but why is it taking so long—and when can you expect to see your refund?

Delays can be up to 10 weeks

While the IRS says that it’s been turning around 90% of filers’ tax returns within three weeks, up to 29 million returns have been flagged for manual processing, which, so far, has led to delays of up to ten weeks since the tax filing season began on February 12 (IRS assisters have apparently suggested this timeline, as well when reached by phone).

According to the Taxpayer Advocate Service, an understaffed IRS is dealing with an unusually large backlog of 2020 tax returns that require manual processing due to pandemic relief legislation, stimulus checks, and changes to complicated tax credits in the middle of the 2020 tax season. Returns that have been flagged for manual processing include those that:
  • Claim the earned income tax credit or additional child tax credit
  • Have possible identity theft or fraud issues
  • Tax returns that require a correction relating to the Recovery Rebate Credit (in other words, your stimulus payment)…Read more>>


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