What to do if you have not received your stimulus check


MACON, Ga. — “I don’t know why I haven’t received my first or second stimulus check yet. I’ve been waiting for a while,” viewer Voris Bryant said.

Bryant is one of many people facing this problem.

“Hopefully, I get it soon because it would make a difference with the current things going on with me and my family,” Bryant said.

We’ve received numerous comments from our viewers with the same question.


Peggy Williams wrote, “I still haven’t received mine, what’s going on?” Sylvia Rodriguez says she’s “still waiting on her second one,” and Tina Lawson says that she’s not only waiting on her first check, but the second one as well.

“So here’s the issue — the IRS says that some checks may still be floating around in the mail, but the secondary problem is that they’re basing your stimulus check on your most recent tax return,” financial expert Sherri Goss said.

Goss says that if your 2019 tax return shows that you made too much money, you will not get a check.

She says another reason you may not get money is if you have not filed a tax return or do not have a bank.

“Here’s what you can do about this — file a 2020 tax return and claim a recovery rebate credit. You can go back and see what you should have received and you can claim the credit on your tax return and get the refund that way,” Goss said.

Goss says claiming a recovery rebate credit is a brand new thing because so many people were missing their stimulus checks.

“Tell the tax preparer that you never received anything and they’ll calculate for you what you should have received on your tax return so you can get it back,” Goss said.

She says this also applies for your first stimulus check.

“You can add both of them to your tax return and get the refund that way,” Goss said.

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