What Are The New Facebook Features In 2020?


Facebook has, no doubt, become the most common social media platform. Hundreds of millions of users log into their Facebook account at least once a day to stay updated with their social circle. Socialization has taken a new shape in the last decade. Especially with the advent of smartphones, keeping in touch with your friends has become as easy as it was never before. Facebook started more than a decade ago, but the spread of smartphones has made a sudden thrust in its popularity.

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Slowly, in the last decade, Facebook has been able to become a part of common people’s life. With the new rules of social engagement, people have become more accustomed to sharing every detail of their life over apps like Facebook. And what more, Facebook has also acquired the other two most popular social media companies in the last few years. You guessed it right. They are Instagram and Whatsapp.

With so much coverage in the world, Facebook has a lot of responsibility towards its users. They need to constantly work towards the improvement of their product to drive social engagements. People often get bored easily if they don’t find anything new in the technologies they use. Hence, Facebook always makes sure that it adds new Facebook features from time to time to keep up with the expectations of its users.


With nearly 50,000 employees, Facebook is always working towards releasing new Facebook features. They are constantly researching the usability patterns of the people and trying to understand what more can they achieve from the people. While releasing Facebook new features, they always make sure that it adds some value to people’s lives. Otherwise, the cost of creating those features cannot be justified if people don’t make them successful.

Let us now look at the Facebook latest features that they released within the last year or in a time little more than that.

Facebook 360


Although Facebook launched it three years ago, I still want to add it to this list of Facebook features because of its success. Oculus is the company that made it live, and Samsung VR gear supports it. This is the latest technology that allows people to share amazing 360-degree videos and photos on Facebook. It became a sudden hit right after its launch. People accepted this feature with most likings because it allows you to give a more realistic experience of the place that you can record in your camera.

Since digital socialization has become a new norm, it will always strive to get as close as possible to the real world. 360-degree videos and images give you a more realistic feel of the place your connections have been to. You feel more connected to the place, and when it can be accessed as easily as in your Facebook wall, the sudden spike in people’s choice of this feature is no wonder.

You can download this Facebook 360 app from your Oculus app. If you want more details on this app, then you can visit the official Oculus website that will give you more information about how to get started on this.

Messenger Day

Although Snapchat was the first company that came up with this brilliant idea of sharing the post or story for just 24 hours, Facebook new feature included this too. With so many users on the Facebook platform as compared to Snapchat or Instagram, people welcomed this feature with wide arms.

It is a brilliant feature for those who need to stay in constant touch with their connections. They can give a quick update of their lives, or share an idea, which they know would be only for temporary use. They don’t want it to stay in their timeline, which makes it permanent so that their timeline doesn’t get too spammy. The only important stuff which people want to keep permanently must go on the timeline. For all the ephemeral activities and short updates, this is one of the most important Facebook latest features.

For those who have got most accustomed to Snapchat, this feature acts as a boon on Facebook for them to switch here. Naturally, with the launch of this Facebook feature, the company was able to pull many new users from Snapchat.

Facebook Live

This is another one that made it to the list of Facebook new features. Earlier it was only possible to go live using the Facebook Live API on your smartphone. But with updates in this feature, it has also become possible now to start broadcasting live videos from your Laptop or desktop. As I said earlier, digital socialization is trying its best to get closer to the physical reality as much as possible. With this feature, Facebook has taken a new step to give a more realistic social experience to the users…..Read More>>


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