Watch out for these coronavirus vaccine scams


Despite its many tribulations, 2020 ended on a high note: Two COVID-19 vaccines became available in December (and a third followed shortly, becoming available in January). But with the vaccine rollout came many myths and fear, and now, scams.

Coronavirus scams are nothing new — the FBI halted hundreds of coronavirus scams in 2020, from fake cures to charity drives — but 2021 opened with a number of scams related to the vaccine directly.

The FBI released a warning letter to the public on Dec. 21, encouraging people to stay vigilant and beware of vaccine scams, like these eight that have been circulating.

Scam: Paying for priority access

The federal government has outlined the vaccine rollout schedule, and there’s no way to jump the line. You can’t pay to skip ahead of health care professionals, long-term care facility residents and workers, senior adults, educators, firefighters, police officers, agricultural workers and other essential workers in priority groups.


Protect yourself: Ignore unsolicited emails, texts and phone calls asking you to pay for priority access to a COVID-19 vaccine. Don’t click on online advertisements, event pages or other web pages that promise priority access for a fee…Read more>>



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