Waiting for your child tax credit payment? Here’s who isn’t eligible for the $300 check

Did you not get the first child tax credit payment last week? You might be in the same boat as some members of Reddit, who are reporting that although they qualify for the payments, they’re still waiting for their first check. (If this is your situation, here’s what to do.) However, you may be in the group of familes that isn’t eligible for a payment. Here’s how to check.

Up to 96% of famlies will qualify for the credit, but figuring out if you do and for how much can take some work. Qualifying families will get the entire amount of the credit if their incomes are below a set threshold. Then above the threshold, the amount of the credit will begin to phase out until it reaches its cap — we’ll explain below. To get the benefits for the 2021 tax year, dependents have to be 17 or younger by the end of December. Adopted children and babies born in 2021 may qualify too.

Parents who are eligible will automatically get 50% of their 2021 child tax credit amount through six advance monthly installments and can claim the other 50% on their taxes later. Or they get the option of claiming 100% of the credit in 2022 if they unenroll from the monthly payment program. We’ll break it all down for you below. Here’s how to sign up for the IRS tools to manage your checks and how the child tax credit could affect your taxes next year. We have updated this story recently.

What are the income and age caps for the 2021 child tax credit?

The IRS looks at your family’s adjusted gross income, or AGI, the ages of your dependents and a handful of other things to determine if you meet the requirements for the child tax credit payments. Here’s a quick look at family income and dependent age limits.

What are the child tax credit age requirements for kids?

If your dependents are below the age of 6 on Dec. 31, you can claim up to $3,600 per child as long as you meet the income requirements, which are listed below. That’s $1,600 more than the $2,000 that parents were able to claim on their 2020 tax returns.

This includes newborns, even if they’re born later in 2021. Later this year, parents will be able to update the IRS with their new dependent information via an online portal to receive the correct advance payments this year. Otherwise, parents can file a claim as part of their 2021 tax return next year.

If your dependents are age 6 or older on Dec. 31, you’ll qualify for up to $3,000 per child over the next year, assuming again that you meet the income requirements. This includes dependents who are 17 years old on Dec. 31. In prior years, parents could only claim up to $2,000 for each dependent age 16 and younger.

You can also get money for your older kids, although it’s not nearly as much. You can claim up to $500 for an 18-year-old, as well as for full-time college students ages 19 to 24…Read more>>


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