Verizon finally has 5G maps showing where the network has launched


Verizon has finally provided maps showing where its 5G service is available, more than six months after first launching the service in parts of Chicago and Minneapolis. The maps show which city landmarks 5G is available near, and when you click on a neighborhood it’ll show you a street-by-street view.

5G, launched in some parts of the US by Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, is being tapped by smartphones to provide faster speeds and more capacity. Verizon on Monday announced the expansion of its 5G network to Boston, Houston and Sioux Falls in addition to already being live in Dallas, Omaha, Atlanta, Detroit, Indianapolis, Washington, DC, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Providence.

According to the new 5G maps, it’s also coming soon in Cincinnati, Kansas City, Charlotte, Little Rock, Cleveland, Memphis, Columbus, Salt Lake City, Des Moines and San Diego. Verizon had previously promised to turn on 5G in 30 cities in 2019.

T-Mobile’s outgoing CEO John Legere took credit for Verizon’s 5G maps, after his carrier launched a “verHIDEzon” smear campaign in September criticizing the lack of transparency. At the time, Legere published a blog post asking Verizon to “stop hiding.”


“Looks like Verizon listened to us and *actually* did the right thing for its customers and published 5G maps! It only took us *cough, cough @verHIDEzon* putting ads up all over NYC and demanding they do more for their customers!” Legere tweeted Tuesday.

Source:- cnet


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