This Beer Has Been Banned In 15 States: Here’s Why


Samuel Adam’s has come out with a new brew for Halloween, but not all beer lovers will be able to try it. The new Utopias beer is illegal in 15 states because of its high alcohol content.

The barrel-aged beer is 28 percent alcohol by volume, which is in stark contrast to a traditional Samuel Adams lager that only has 5 percent alcohol content.


A total of 15 states with legislation in place that regulates alcohol content have banned the beer, including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, and West Virginia .

The beer is said to have a “deep rich malty smoothness reminiscent of a Vintage Port, Cognac, or Fine Sherry.” Samuel Adams also recommends pairing Utopias with clam chowder, cobb salads, fish & chips, mango-chili chicken, fruit-topped bread pudding or even pineapple upside-down cake,

According to Samuel Adams, the beer has been aged for 24 years to create a pale amber beer that is only available in limited qualities. The beer retails for a reported $210 per 24.5-ounce bottle.




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