The Best Jobs in America in 2021


The right job for you

Picking a career is no easy task. It requires knowing yourself: your skills, your strengths and your goals for the future. No one intends on dedicating time and money to the proper education for a career path only to find the hours are long and stressful and the rewards minimum. Following a year of unforeseen layoffs and economic upheaval due to the global coronavirus pandemic, job seekers may have specific priorities for what they want in a career.

To help you make a better decision, U.S. News & World Report has ranked jobs using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and in-house reporting. Read more about how we rank the Best Jobs here. These top 25 jobs have some of the most sought-after qualities: high salaries, low stress levels, employment growth and strong job prospects for years to come.

Health care jobs are the most prominent in this year’s list, and jobs in the technology and business industries are also well represented. Did your dream job make the cut? Find out to see which 25 jobs top the list. You can also browse the complete rankings…Read more>>




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