Stimulus check quiz: Do you know the top 12 facts?


With Congress preparing for its final chance to reach a deal on another next stimulus package before the year is out, there is as much fiction as fact around what the contents of a new relief bill with the power to authorize a second stimulus check could be. There’s also a good deal of speculation about what could happen if a stimulus package doesn’t pass before President-elect Joe Biden takes office.

With so much up in the air as we wait for Congressional leaders to pick up negotiations over the next COVID-19 relief package, we can listen to what members of Congress are and aren’t saying about a second check, including who could get the next stimulus check first, how it could bring you more money than the first payment and which qualifications might change.

Here are 12 of our best guesses on what could happen with a second payment based on the terms of the first stimulus check and the various proposals that have come across the table, including Biden’s own ideas. We update this story often.

A second stimulus check might not happen in 2020

Until Congress reconvenes on Nov. 30, it isn’t clear whether a second stimulus check will make the cut, if Republicans and Democrats scramble to compromise on a smaller agreement until a larger package passes. It’s also possible that no bill will pass at all before 2021. If more COVID-19 relief aid goes through without a second check, here’s how you might still benefit. We’ll know a lot more after the House of Representatives and Senate return and talks start up again.


The IRS issues checks by priority groups (what’s yours?)

Eligible Americans got the first stimulus payment at different times, often because of the way they got paid, and a second payment would be similar. For example, people who have set up direct deposit — an electronic transfer of funds into their bank account — with the IRS could get their checks weeks before those who receive a paper check or prepaid EIP card in the mail. We identified five priority groups based on the first stimulus checks…Read more>>



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