Stimulus check eligibility status: What you need to know about who would qualify


As Capitol Hill turns its attention to the Nov. 3 election, key leaders in Washington continue to make the case for more federal economic relief.. That relief would include another round of direct payments for those who meet the requirements. “We’ve got 11 million people who haven’t gone back to work,” Jerome Powell, Chair of the Federal Reserve, said during Congressional testimony on Wednesday. “It’s likely that we’ll need more fiscal support.”

While we don’t know who will qualify if more money is authorizeddependents who were left out last time could get paid in a second round. A new stimulus payment might include some money for the 13 million people under 25 who didn’t get the first stimulus check. Exactly who is eligible will be determined by factors such as your AGI.

As negotiations remain in limbo on another rescue package, here’s the current state on eligibility requirements that might be in a second stimulus payment — you can use CNET’s stimulus check calculator to get an estimate on for your possible payment. And here are six stimulus check facts to know. This story updates often.

How to find out if you could be eligible for another stimulus check

It’s likely that if a second stimulus check emerges, it’ll be based largely on the first. It may also draw some changes from the Heroes Act and HEALS Act proposals, neither of which is law. The most important decider in setting income limits is adjusted gross income, or AGI, which determines how much of the $1,200 for individuals and $2,400 for married couples you could receive if you meet the other requirements…Read more>>




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