Still no stimulus check? Claim your money before these IRS deadlines


Millions of Americans are still awaiting the arrival of their coronavirus stimulus check and are in danger of losing out on up to $1,200 if they don’t get their information to the IRS ahead of several looming deadlines.

Up to 8.7 million individuals who are eligible to receive the economic impact payments have yet to receive the money due to incomplete IRS and Treasury Department records, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office, Congress’ auditing arm.

The watchdog found that while the Treasury Department and IRS have tried to address distribution issues involving the checks, the agencies still “lack updated information on how many eligible recipients have yet to receive these funds.”

“The lack of such information could hinder outreach efforts and place potentially millions of individuals at risk of missing their payment,” the report said.


For some Americans, the payments are not automatic: Individuals who normally do not file a tax return — including homeless people, low-income people and others — can register for the payment and must submit their information through the IRS’s “Non-Filers” tool by Oct. 15.

Although recipients of Social Security benefits, survivor or disability benefits, or Railroad Retirement benefits automatically received the $1,200 even if they didn’t file a tax return, they are still required to use the non-filer tool to obtain the extra $500-per-child benefit available…Read more>>



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