Shred a Pic of Your Ex and Get Free Wings at Hooters


(WVLA) – PHOENIX, AZ (KASW) – (2/8/19) Want to tear your ex into pieces? No worries, Hooters has you covered. Hooters famous “Shred Your Ex” promotion is back!

This Valentine’s Day you can bring a picture of your ex-partner to shred and in return you get 10 free boneless wings. Sounds like sweet revenge, if you ask me. The deal does require you to buy 10 wings first.

But what if you have more than one ex that you wish to shred? No need to make that decision because you can bring in stacks of photos, if you’d like, although you’re still only going to get wings 10 wings.

And for those who would like to enjoy some alone time on Valentine’s Day, you can shred your ex online after which you will get a digital coupon to order wings to-go.


The online version also includes a quiz with important questions like what famed breakup your heartbreaking relationship most resembes. (Ariana & Pete?) Based on your answers, you will get advice on the best options to destroy your ex’s photo, such as shred, burn, bury, or dart.

As Hooters would say, “Shred ’em and Forget ‘Em.”


Source:- myarklamiss


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