Second stimulus check missing? Here’s when to report it to the IRS — and how

If you were eligible for a second stimulus check, but it never arrived by direct depositpaper check or EIP card, you may be wondering what you can do to report your missing money — whether all or some your own stimulus payment of up to $600 never arrived, or the payment for your child dependents. We know one thing for sure: The IRS doesn’t want you to call.

“We’re committed to helping you get your stimulus payments as quickly as possible,” the IRS website says. “Please do not call the IRS about the new payment; our phone assistors do not have additional information beyond what’s available here on and in the Get My Payment application.”

If you do have a problem with your payment, there are a few things you can do to get help and get your money, including requesting something called a Payment Trace from the IRS. Our guide will give you information to help track down and file for a missing payment, no matter your situation. Plus, here’s what we also know about a third stimulus check, including all the ways it could bring more money and how much your specific household could get. This story is updated frequently.

Missing a stimulus payment? Here’s when to take action

About 15 days after the IRS sends out your second check, you should receive a letter from the agency confirming the payment and giving you a way to get in touch with them to report any problems. When the first round of stimulus checks went out last year, that letter included two hotline phone numbers because thousands of agents were available to help. But with the second round of checks, the IRS has changed its tune.

Here are three common scenarios that might indicate you need to look into your stimulus payment:

  • If you’re one of the millions of people who qualified for the first stimulus check, but never got it.
  • If your second stimulus check does not arrive shortly after the Jan. 15 deadline set in the December stimulus bill.
  • If you got some of your stimulus money, but not all of it. (You can use the CNET stimulus calculator to estimate your payment.)

You should also check to make sure you’re qualified to get the second payment, since not everyone who received a check in the first round will get one this timeRead more>>


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