Second stimulus check could still be sent to qualifying adults and families. Who might be eligible?


If a second stimulus check is authorized through the passage of new overarching stimulus bill or an executive order, you might wonder if the rules to qualify will change at all.

We know that factors like your yearly income, the number of dependents you have that can’t get their own stimulus check, if you receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or don’t normally file taxes could help determine how much money you may receive. (An estimated 9 million people can still file a claim to get the first stimulus check.)

One demographic might be eligible to help the family group toward a larger check, if there is a second payment — we explain more below. You can also use CNET’s stimulus check calculator to estimate what a new round could bring. Here’s what to do if your first stimulus check is missing. We update this story frequently.

Stimulus check eligibility: Where the requirements stand now

We won’t know for certain who will qualify for a new stimulus payment until Congress passes the legislation. We can, however, draw from the first stimulus check’s eligibility requirements and the Heroes Act and HEALS Act proposals (neither of which is law) to get an idea of who may or may not get a second check, including a few unexpected qualifiers below.


Both Republicans and Democrats are using adjusted gross income, or AGI, to determine the payment amount for individuals and families, which would cap at $1,200 for individuals and $2,400 for married couples…Read more>>



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