Scammers are creating Netflix lookalikes to target people staying at home, study finds


Scammers are focusing more attention on people looking to stream content from Netflix during what has quickly become the stay-at-home era.

Researchers at the cybersecurity security firm Check Point recently released a study noting a substantial rise in the number of cyberattacks performed by websites posing as the streaming giant in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus crisis.


Over the past two weeks, more than 30,103 new coronavirus-related domains were registered, of which almost 3,000 were malicious or questionable and under investigation, researchers said.

Phishing attacks by Netflix look-a-likes doubled, and many of the websites offer payment options to steal user data and payment information.

“As the number of physical casualties increase, so is the number of cyberattacks relating to the virus,” said Omer Dembinsky, data manager of threat intelligence at Check Point. “Clearly, hackers are shifting their resources away from targeting businesses … and towards activities that can reach us directly in our homes.”…Read more>>



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