Oneplus Nord N10 5g Review: Tall Phone, Small Price


The OnePlus Nord N10 5G does something unique: bring 5G to a $299.99 phone without cutting too many corners. That’s a full $200 lower than other budget-oriented competitors like the Google Pixel 4A 5G and Samsung Galaxy A51 5G. Alongside its lower-tier N100 sibling, it’s the first phone in OnePlus’ midrange Nord series to arrive in the US, available from T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, and unlocked from and other retailers.

It’s definitely noteworthy that the N10 5G will bring 5G to the under-$300 market. But at least for now, 5G isn’t something most people should care about, much less pay more for. Fortunately, the N10 5G has more going for it. It has a big screen with a high refresh rate, a tall aspect ratio that might make it easier for people with smaller hands to use, and OnePlus’ light-touch take on Android.

So what sacrifices did OnePlus make to create a $300 phone? The quick version is this: it offers an LCD rather than an OLED screen, uses a less robust processor than midrange and flagship phones, and doesn’t include any water resistance. And you won’t find features that are becoming more common on midrange devices, like wireless charging and telephoto cameras.

The question for the N10 5G is whether you’d be happy with a decent all-around device that doesn’t shine in any particular area, or if you should look to one of its budget competitors that goes all in on a feature like battery life or photo quality…Read more>>

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