Now you can check on the status of your second stimulus payment


From COVID-19 testing to passing legislation, the government’s slogan for its coronavirus response might as well be “better late than never.”

Now that slogan applies to the newly relaunched section of the IRS website that lets you check on the status of your second stimulus payment. On Monday, the IRS brought its “Get My Payment” portal back to life, finally allowing a little transparency into the economic impact payments we’ve been told are coming our way.

The IRS debuted the website in April around the first economic impact payments. It let people submit their information, including their social security numbers, names, and addresses, to see when they were scheduled to receive their checks and where those checks would be going (whether to a physical address or a bank account). There was also an option to submit your direct deposit information if the IRS didn’t have that already.

The portal stopped functioning after the completion of the spring payments. Meanwhile, Trump signed the COVID relief package bill into law on December 28, and the IRS started sending out payments right away — without an active website to tell people what to expect. As of Monday evening, the site was back up and running, giving the public a view into where their money is headed and when it’s set to arrive.


Standard stimulus checks are $600 per person, with more or less money allocated depending on your salary, the amount of dependents you have, your marital status, and other factors. You can check out how much you’re due here.



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