National Siblings Day – April 10, 2019


National Siblings Day actually started as a way to honor brothers and sisters who passed away at a very young age. It’s now growing into a nationwide movement. All states except California have issued gubernatorial proclamations to observe this day on April 10. Three U.S. presidents have recognized the event — most recently, President Obama in 2016.

The Siblings Day Foundation, sponsors of this day, gained non-profit status in 1999.


National Siblings Day Activities

1. Post a childhood shot on social media

Remember that time you cut their hair while they were sleeping? Shouldn’t everyone see it? Sharing childhood photos and memories will absolutely bring a smile to their face — and who knows, they may call you too!

2. Give a gift that would delight their inner child

He loved his Chewbacca action figure in the ’80s. She loved her sparkly jelly shoes. You can probably find something similar online (or the original in your parents’ attic) and send it their way. Their younger self will thank you.

3. Write a Top 10 List

Share a Top 10 list of memories or things you love about your sibling with them today. It will be a fun reminder of just how special the relationship is.

Why We Love National Siblings Day

A. They just know

Your friends will never really understand why your mother presses your buttons so easily or why your father’s breakfast routine annoys you. But your brothers and sisters will — no need to explain.

B. They taught us important lessons

If you’re the oldest child, the world changed when your younger sibling came into the world. All of a sudden, you had to share your parents and toys and help take care of this new person. If you’re a younger sibling, you had someone who could watch over you.

C. DNA is cool

When you think about it, the genetic material that went into making you also made your siblings. Your share similarities at a cellular and DNA level. That’s like, a miracle — and totally cool……Read more>>

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