Microsoft’s Your Phone app is now called Phone Link

The way in which your Windows PC interacts with your Android phone is slightly changing, as of today. The Your Phone app will now be renamed Phone Link and it will come with a slight redesign that makes notifications more prominent.

The Windows Phone Link/Your Phone app has been around for years, allowing you to quickly interact with your phone from your PC’s interface. We’ve explained how to use Your Phone as part of an earlier tutorial, but the reasons are simple. If you don’t want to haul out your phone — during a meeting, say — but want to send a quick text, you can do so. Your Phone has been previously beefed up with numerous features such as accessing photos and even apps.

Microsoft said Thursday that it’s going to redesign the app interface, bringing it more in line with the Windows 11 look and feel, and also emphasizing the tabbed interface. It appears, too, that it will highlight your phone’s notifications within the redesigned Phone Link interface, giving them their own dedicated space on the left-hand portion of the app itself.

You’ll find an additional change within the Android app itself, too. That app, currently named Your Phone Companion, is being renamed to Link to Windows…Read more>>


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