If you’re not using Apple Family Sharing, you’re wasting money

If you’re not using Apple Family Sharing, you’re wasting money

When Apple’s Family Sharing feature launched with iOS 8, it solved a major problem: Giving family members access to apps that one of them already paid for, without having to buy it again just for a spouse or child to use it. Before Family Sharing emerged, you’d have to shared your Apple ID password with family members, which is both inconvenient and insecure. At the time, sharing an Apple ID password was the only way to log into the App Store and iTunes to access another user’s purchase history, so you could download paid apps without, well, paying.

Now, Family Sharing has evolved into a feature for sharing Apple Music subscriptions and iCloud storage plans, without making you double or triple spend on apps, and without invalidating the security of your password by passing it around. Family Sharing even lets you help find a lost device thanks to integrated location sharing.


Family Sharing isn’t complicated to set up, taking only a few minutes by each member of the group. Before you create a family sharing group, make sure you know who the family organizer is — they are responsible for setting up the group and sending out invites.

Family Sharing requirements and limitations
All family members will need to have an iOS device running iOS 8 or newer, or a Mac running OS X Yosemite or newer.
Of course, you’ll need an Apple ID and iCloud account.
Family Sharing groups are limited to six members.
If purchase sharing is enabled, the family organizer’s payment method will be used to pay for all purchases.
What’s shared between members?
With Family Sharing enabled, you have the option to share (or not share) the following:

iTunes and App Store purchases
Apple Music subscription
iCloud Storage
Location sharing (currently via Find My iPhone ($1,000 at Amazon) and Find My Friends, but will change to Find My app with iOS 13.)
Screen Time
Apple News+
Additionally, a Reminders list and a Calendar for your family group is created automatically. There’s also a “Family” album created and shared between in the group in the Photos app…..Read More>>

Source: cnet