If a second stimulus check is approved, when could the IRS schedule payments


Although the House has approved a stopgap spending measure to sidestep a government shutdown, it still seems like another bipartisan deal on new coronavirus relief legislation is still far off. Even though early voting for the Nov. 3 election is underway, the deadline for lawmakers to get more stimulus money to Americans before results are tallied gets slimmer by the day.

If Congress can pass a package that includes a second round of direct payments, the eligibility requirements might be different. So, how quickly might you receive your payment if you meet them?

There’s no way to say for sure right now, but we can draw clues from how the IRS sent the first round of stimulus checks to some priority groups well before others in order to get a sense of potential priority order in a second check. Keep reading for more details and don’t miss the most important stimulus payment topics to know. We update this story often.



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