How to stop Google from spying on your Gmail in a few easy steps

Gmail is a great email service, but email tracking is something that might naturally bother some users. If you’ve used Gmail recently at all, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that the service has several features designed to make the email experience a bit smoother. One such feature is called Smart Reply, and it essentially provides users with phrase suggestions for quick replies. The feature works by scanning your messages and handing back what it thinks are appropriate replies. For example, imagine your boss emails you that a deadline has been pushed back. Smart Reply gives you an option to select a button that reads, “No worries! Thanks for the update.”

This Gmail email tracking feature is very convenient and widely used. In fact, Google in 2017 said that 12% of replies on Inbox by Gmail were smart replies. Though many people find the feature useful, others might find it a bit offputting. Even though it’s an algorithm scanning your email and not a person, it’s understandable that some users might be uncomfortable with the very idea.

How to stop Gmail tracking

If you want to turn off smart replies and prevent Gmail email tracking, start by logging into your Gmail account on your computer. Next, click the Settings icon (which should be a gear) in the upper right-hand corner. Now select the “See all settings” option which appears right at the top. Scroll down a bit and toggle off the “Smart Reply” option.

Similar to Smart Replies, Smart Compose is a feature that learns your writing style and suggests sentences before you complete them. For example, if you write “Haven’t seen” into an email, you might see a suggestion that reads “Haven’t seen you in a while.” Or, if you write “I’ll be there!” Gmail might suggest “I’ll be there! Looking forward to seeing everyone.” If you see a suggestion you like, just hit the “tab” button and it will fill it in for you.

Like Smart Replies, Smart Compose is helpful and efficient. But again, if the notion of Gmail email tracking bothers you, it’s easy to shut it off.

Turning off Smart Compose is just as easy as turning off Smart Replies. The process is similar as well. Go to Settings and select “See all settings.” Scroll down to the section that says “Smart Compose personalization.”  Next, toggle the setting off. And just like that, you’ve rid yourself of this Gmail email tracking feature…Read more>>


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