How to Share Your Wifi Password From Any Device

Every time you have visitors to you home, they probably ask for the wifi password before anything else. You can go the route of the local coffee shop and take the wifi name and password up on the wall, or keep sharing these credentials manually until you have them memorized. Or, you can speed up this process significantly by sharing your login info directly using any device or platform. We’ll show you how to get that done.

How to share wifi passwords on iPhone and iPad

If you are sharing passwords with people who have other Apple devices, then there’s not much to do. Simply make sure your iPhone or iPad is updated to the latest version of iOS or iPadOS. Also, check if you’ve signed in to iCloud on your device. (You can do that by going to Settings; if you see your name at the top, you’re set.) The final preparation step requires you to make sure the other person’s Apple ID is saved to your address book.

With that done, unlock your iPhone or iPad, which should already be connected to your local network. Ask your friend to select the correct wifi network name on their Apple device. You’ll now see a pop-up on your iPhone or iPad asking if you want to share your wifi password with your friend. Tap Share Password and you’re all set.

This will work without a hitch as long as you are connected to the wifi network you’re trying to share and your friend’s devices are near your iPhone or iPad.

If you are trying to share your wifi password with people who don’t have Apple devices, you’ll have to resort to more manual means.

How to share wifi passwords on Mac

Sharing wifi passwords from your Mac is extremely easy as long as, again, you’re sharing to other Apple devices. The preparation steps are the same as those mentioned for iPhone and iPad—sign in to iCloud, make sure whoever you’re sharing the info with has updated to the latest version of iOS or iPadOS, and add your friends’ Apple IDs to the Contacts app…Read more>>


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