How to score a COVID-19 vaccine appointment

One of the most frustrating tasks for many of us these days is finding how and where to get an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccination. It can be a real exercise in exasperation: the websites are often difficult to navigate and prone to frequent crashes; in addition, after finding an open appointment slot and filling out multiple pages of questions, you are often told that the opening has disappeared.

In view of all this, we’ve tried to gather as much helpful information as we can about ways to research and snag vaccination appointments for yourself and others. We’ll update this as more information presents itself.


To begin with, it’s a good idea to try to pin down if you or the person you are assisting is currently qualified for the COVID-19 vaccine. Find the vaccine information site (or sites) that is being run by your state and / or city. This will also help you figure out when you might be qualified if you aren’t already. If you can’t find it via a quick search, NBC News has created a simple website that lets you find out what the current situation is in your specific state. Prescription company GoodRx offers similar information.


There are, fortunately or unfortunately, many different sites where you can go to find out if you can get an appointment to be vaccinated.

For example, here in New York City, we’ve had to navigate separate sites run by the city and the state. Various hospital systems also have their own sites, as do pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS, which have recently begun offering appointments for vaccinations. It’s a lot to check — and it can be enormously confusing.

As a result, your first step is probably to check your state’s government health website (searching your state name and “COVID vaccine” will probably do it). If you’re an urban dweller, check for your city’s information site as well.

While most personal physicians do not have access to vaccines, your doctor may be able to tell you some of the places to check. Other resources include your local hospital system, your union (especially if your employment qualifies you for a vaccination), and, of course, friends and colleagues, many of whom have probably been doing their own searches.

As you find resources and sites, make sure to bookmark them. I keep a folder on my bookmarks bar called “COVID” — you may want to name yours something more cheerful…Read more>>


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