How to file your income taxes in France

The French tax return (déclaration des revenus) is the first step to paying your income taxes in France. As an expat living in France, you will need to know the French tax regulations and learn how to file your tax return online.

If you’re making a living in l’Hexagone, it pays to know how income taxes work in France. This guide explains everything you need to file your French tax return, including which expenses can be deducted on your tax form, such as childcare expenses, energy-efficient technologies, or hiring domestic help.

Income tax in France
The income tax system in France
The French social security system is one of the most generous in the world and receives funding from hefty taxes.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance taxes any income made in France, as well as the worldwide income of French residents. In 2019, France introduced a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system for income tax, where you pay tax as a monthly deduction from your salary.

If you’re conventionally employed, your employer receives your tax rate from the government and withholds the corresponding monthly amount from your salary. Contributions to social security are separate from your income tax payments.

Who pays income tax in France?

Under French law, you are a resident in France for tax purposes if you meet any one of the following four conditions:

Your permanent home (habitual home for you and/or your family) is in France.
You spend most of your time in France (at least 183 days during a calendar year, or even less if you spend more time in France than in any other country).
Your professional activity is in France.
The center of your economic or financial interest is in France.

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