How to Check If American Airlines Owes You a Fuel Surcharge Refund


Fuel surcharges are an important issue for award travel enthusiasts, as these charges can make your award flight cost hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars more in addition to your miles redeemed. In some cases, fuel surcharges, often termed “carrier-imposed surcharges” by the airlines, are so high that they can match or even exceed the price of an economy class ticket, eliminating most of the benefit of redeeming miles in the first place.

But not all surcharges are created equally, which is why you should always keep an eye on what you’re being billed for to make sure it’s the correct amount.

That said, if you booked a British Airways award ticket through American Airlines on select routes recently, AA might just owe you a fuel surcharge refund, as reported by View from the Wing.

The discrepancy seems to involve the Seattle (SEA) to London Heathrow (LHR) route. British Airways recently lowered its carrier-imposed surcharges to $65, but it would seem that AA failed to update the new lower rate in its award booking system, charging a carrier-imposed fee of $225 instead.


The airline told VFTW in a statement that it is working to correct the issue in the system and that the airline would be proactively reaching out to customers who were overcharged about refunds.

For now, customers should double check their receipt for any award bookings. If you see a carrier-imposed fee listed at $65 for a recent flight, then you were charged the correct amount. If you see a charge that’s higher, expect to hear from AA in the next few weeks regarding your refund.


Source:- thepointsguy


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