How to Block Robocalls and Spam Calls


By Lance Whitney

Are you sick and tired of the robocalls and spam calls you get on your landline or mobile phone? Lawmakers are trying to pass legislation that would address the scourge, but until then, there are a few actions you can take yourself—beyond registering your phone number with the FTC’s Do Not Call Registry (which doesn’t stop scammers and disreputable telemarketers from calling you).


Apple iPhones and Android phones come with built-in features for blocking specific phone numbers, and mobile carriers offer blocking tools as well. Several third-party apps, such as Nomorobo, Hiya Caller ID and Block, RoboKiller, and Truecaller , strive to block telemarketing calls. Let’s check them out.

Block Specific Numbers on iPhone

Robocallers cycle through thousands of phone numbers, and many include the same telephone prefixes as your own phone number. To block them as they come in on an iPhone, open the Phone app and tap Recents. Tap on the Info icon next to the number you want to block. Tap Block this Caller > Block Contact. That number is now blocked.

Block Specific Numbers on Android

The steps for blocking numbers on an Android phone vary based on your phone and version of the OS. Here’s one example. Open the Phone app. From the recent calls screen, look for and tap the number you want to block. Tap More. Tap the command to Block number or Block/report spam. Confirm the message asking if you want to block the number.

Type the Number on Android

Another example for Android phones: From the Phone app, tap More > Settings > Blocked Numbers. If necessary, Add a Number. Type the phone number you want to block and then tap + or Block to block it.

AT&T Call Protect

AT&T serves up a support page with directions for blocking calls on different types of phones. The company also provides a blocking app and service called Call Protect for iOS and Android, and a service known as Smart Limits. In early July, AT&T said it would offer a stripped-down version of Call Protect to all customers for free in the coming months, which will add automatic fraud blocking and suspected spam-call alerts. Premium Call Protect features, like sending certain categories of calls directly to voicemail or reverse numbers lookup, cost $4 a month.

Verizon Call Filter

Verizon Wireless now offers a free version of its Call Filter service for subscribers with compatible phones and postpaid plans. The free version tries to detect and filter out spam calls. It alerts you when an incoming call is likely to be spam, lets you report unsolicited numbers, and can automatically block robocalls based your set level of risk.

For $2.99 a month per line, the paid version of Call Filter kicks in Caller ID, a personal spam list, and other features.

iPhone users can download the Call Filter app from the App Store. The app should be preloaded on Android devices, but you can find it on Google Play if not……..Read More>>


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