How much stimulus check money would you get? Here are some potential calculations


The two packages don’t line up on much else, but the Democratic and Republican plan for the next stimulus bill do agree on one thing: if one of their proposals passes, you’ll get another payment for up to $1,200 as you did with first stimulus check. Both the Republican-backed HEALS Act and the Heroes Act supported by the Democrats include a new direct payment for $1,200. But that doesn’t mean the full $1,200 is yours.

How much money you could receive depends on a range of factors, including how many dependents you have. And until the two sides reach an agreement, that $1,200 figure is not set in stone. President Donald Trump continues to suggest that the final check amount could exceed $1,200.

“We’re going to see it may go higher than that actually,” Trump told Texas TV station KMID on Wednesday.

Here’s everything we know about the Senate’s stimulus proposal and how much of the $1,200 per adult — and more for families — you could potentially get based on your salary, marital status and more. This story updates often.


How much of the $1,200 second stimulus check might you receive?

The Senate’s HEALS Act offers an upper limit of $1,200 per qualified person, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get it all. Your tax filing helps determine your share, among other factors.

The first stimulus check left out child dependents who were 17 or older and university students under 24 years old. The Republican plan would include $500 for dependents regardless of age, such as children and adults you claim in your tax filings.

The calculations can be tricky and depend on aspects of your 2019 taxes, such as your adjusted gross income and whether you filed as single, married or head of household. Though we can’t say for sure that the figures below follow the IRS’s calculation, this handy calculator that The Washington Post put together for the first stimulus check could shed some light on what you might get if the HEALS Act were to pass as is…Read more>>



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