How Does Wirex Visa Card Work? Fees, Limits & How To Apply

With the world becoming more interconnected, there’s been a continued increase in multicurrency payment options. This is perfect for those who are planning or starting a life abroad, direct shopping from other countries and cryptocurrency purchases. While the network of shared economies has widened access to consumer markets, there are still barriers that limit access. For starters, online foreign transactions are subject to the local currency, exchange rates and other fees. Luckily, multicurrency travel cards like Wirex are attempting to bridge this gap through a centralized payment platform that supports more than 150+ local currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Here’s a Wirex card review to better assess how it can offer a convenient solution for multicurrency spending.

How Does Wirex Work?

Wirex is a multifunctional, multicurrency card that gives you access and instant money conversions for more than 150+ currencies including the US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen and the British Pound. This travel card enables you to purchase from almost any store or website using real-time conversions. This means that you don’t need to worry about converting your fiat currencies before making a purchase as the platform will do the work for you.

The best part is the zero fees as you can instantly switch between crypto and your local currency. Compare this to interbank rates and you’ll see that you saved up to 3% in fees alone. You can also use this travel card to withdraw up to SG$400 (US$295) per month from any ATM  free of charge. With no monthly maintenance fees, you don’t have to worry about your money losing its value.


The benefits of the Wirex Travel Card do not end there. You can also use your Wirex account to send money to any of your contacts with a few clicks without the need for a wallet address or bank account details. This makes money transfers more convenient, especially during an emergency. The Cryptoback™ rewards system also gives users payouts of up to 2% in WXT (Wirex Token) whenever they use the travel card for any online or in-store purchase.

In terms of protection, the Wirex system is backed by 256-bit AES encryption which is military-grade protection. You can also enable Strong Customer Authentication (2CA) for an added layer of security. Wirex also partnered with world-renowned security leaders for facial recognition support and biometric access for your account…Read more>>


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