Homeowners’ Tree & Shrub Investments Rise Nearly 50% During the Pandemic

MEMPHIS, Tenn.May 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TruGreen, the nation’s leading lawn care provider whose services include tree and shrub care, found that 49 percent of Americans made more investments to their trees and shrubs in 2020 than in previous years, according to a new survey released in partnership with OnePoll. The survey polled 2,000 American homeowners with an outdoor space to analyze how they’ve been finding solace during the pandemic, and over half (52 percent) of respondents stated they updated or added new plants and/or garden additions to their home’s exterior over the past year.

Despite the increase in investment on a home’s exterior among Americans, nearly half of homeowners polled are unsure about how to properly care for their trees and shrubs. Beyond traditional care and maintenance, many homeowners face additional challenges brought by trees and shrubs including diseases (50 percent), climate damage (50 percent) and pest infestation (46 percent).

“From creating little everyday moments to adding up to $10,000 in value to homes, trees and shrubs are a meaningful – and worthwhile – investment. But protecting these investments can require challenging maintenance. With an increase in tree and shrub health among homeowners, expert and specialized care is critically important to ensure a flourishing landscape,” said Brian Feldman, director of technical operations and certified arborist at TruGreen. “Our trained and licensed specialists provide comprehensive plant health care plans, customized for each unique landscape in order to keep plants healthy, protected from unwanted pests and looking their best.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people across the country sought a place of retreat in their outdoor living spaces, and spending time outside became a more popular hobby. The survey found that Americans spent an average of 14 hours a week outside during the pandemic, showing an increase of three hours per week from pre-pandemic days…Read more>>


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