Here’s what happens now that the IRS stopped sending second stimulus checks


We’re past the cutoff for the IRS and US Treasury to send the second stimulus checks, so if your $600 stimulus payment hasn’t arrived yet, what can you do? You can plan to claim it when tax-filing season opens Feb. 12. (That goes for nonfilers, too.) Or is there a chance your money went out before the deadline and is on its way to your mailbox? Your direct deposit payment could also be stuck in a tax-preparer issue with the IRS and direct deposit.

Either way, if by Feb. 12 your check hasn’t appeared, you can claim your outstanding $600 payment for each qualifying adult and child dependent in the form of a Recovery Rebate Credit on your 2020 federal tax return.

We’ll explain all you need to get information and claim your missing payment — including three options to help track (and even trace) your stimulus money now, how to match your stimulus estimate to what you actually receive, and how claiming a stimulus check credit could make your already-tardy payment come even later. Yes, this includes any makeup payments for missing kids plus any money from your first check that you didn’t get. (And here’s what to know about a third stimulus check.) This story was recently updated.

Your stimulus check or EIP card could still arrive in the mail this week, so track that first


The IRS and Treasury sent paper checks at a much faster clip this time than last, but it isn’t clear how many remain undelivered. Since the USPS may need a few days to sort and deliver your physical check or EIP card if the IRS sent it out before the Jan. 15 deadline it may be possible you’ll receive it in the next few days.

The first thing you should do is use the IRS Get My Payment tool to get tracking information about your second stimulus check. It’ll give you a general payment schedule, the total amount you should expect to receive, and flag any problems you may need to look into — like if there’s an error message or if the tool says the stimulus money was sent weeks ago and you never got it.

Then, if the IRS Get My Payment tool says it’s coming, use this free USPS service to track your stimulus check to your mailbox…Read more>>



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