Here’s the easiest way to find, lock, or wipe your lost Android phone


While some Android manufacturers include their own phone recovery services, Google builds a ‘Find My Device’ feature onto every Android phone or tablet – not just Pixels. Since Google also happens to be a search engine giant, all it takes to get started is to type ‘find my phone’ on

If you are signed into the Google account linked to your phone – you may be asked to sign again – you should see a large information card with a map pop up right in the search results. Heck, if you Googled this guide, chances are you probably already have your answer.


From there, you’ll see the location of Android devices linked to your phone on Google Maps. If you click on the map, you’ll be able to see the current battery and signal level for the device, as well as access a number of device controls.

If you think you’ve lost the device in your own home, you can simply tap ‘play sound’ and make the phone ring at full volume for five minutes – this will work even if the phone is set to silent….Read more>>



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