Gmail got a big update that brings voice and video calls to the app

Gmail users who rely on Google’s popular app for email alone might not appreciate the massive changes coming to Gmail. Everyone else, however, might like the fact they can do a lot more from their Gmail screen than reading and replying to emails. After announcing the big Gmail Workspace update just a few months ago, Google is back with new features that will improve how teams work. Support for video and voice calls directly from the Gmail app will soon be available to users.

The new features support the new hybrid work environment that emerged during the pandemic. Google wants teams to collaborate no matter the obstacles, including people working from home or in different time zones. Gmail will be the central hub for that hybrid work environment. That’s why all the new Workspace features that Google unveils from time to time impact the overall Gmail experience.

Gmail’s new voice and video calls abilities

Google has been experimenting with voice and video chat apps for years, making the entire thing confusing for end-users. But the company settled on a few clear products in recent years, and Google is sticking with them. Google Meet is one of them, an app that some people might have been using regularly to stay in touch with family and colleagues during the pandemic.

But rather than opening the Meet app to make voice and video calls, Gmail users will now do it directly from the Gmail app. Google explains the feature will replicate the spontaneous ad-hoc meetings that take place during in-person work experiences. That means you’ll be able to place a voice or video call from a Gmail email with a colleague. The person’s phone will ring via the Gmail app. They’ll be able to take the call immediately or move it over to a computer.

The new Gmail feature might sound somewhat disruptive, but it’s also supposed to help users maintain focus. Rather than scheduling calls and using other apps, including Google’s own apps, users can just get on a call following an email exchange or a Spaces collaboration.

Google’s other Workspace features

As you can see in the updated screenshot below, Mail represents just one of the four main tabs in Gmail. Chat, Spaces, and Meet are the others. It’s all part of the big Google Workspace upgrade to improve collaboration at work, even if not all team members can work from the office.

Voice and video calls support is a highlight for the Gmail mobile app experience. However, the Spaces tab is the most important Gmail upgrade…Read more>>


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