Free Movies Online: 3 Ways You Can Stream Online Anytime, Anywhere


You know about the big streaming services like HBO Go, Hulu and Netflix. But you have to pay for those! The List is here to bring you a roundup of streaming services that are totally free and completely legal.

1. Free With a Library Card

Our first service is Kanopy – an award-winning video streaming service providing you access to more than 30,000 independent and documentary films. Libraries across the country offer access to it along with Hoopla, another similar service. Some libraries used both. When you register, you’ll be prompted to enter your library card number and then you’re in. There’s a cap, however, on how many films you can stream per month.

The great thing about library services? No commercials, whereas the next two categories are ad supported.  


2. Free With Registration

Roku started out as a content provider that required a box or a Roku-enabled TV to work. But they’ve gotten into the streaming game with The Roku Channel, which you can stream on whatever device you’d like. You’ll be interrupted by ads about as often as with over-the-air TV, but you won’t get any obnoxious pop-ups or overlays. Unlike the library selection, there are more mainstream releases, although not many newer titles.

3. Just Plain Free

Finally, here are ad-supported services that don’t even require registration. They’re just plain free, such as Pluto TV. They offer hundreds of movies, thousands of TV shows and the best of the internet. Like the Roku Channel, they have mostly older stuff and no originals. Another free service is Sony’s Crackle. Crackle even includes some original programing. Pluto and Crackle will both ask you to register, but you’re able to start streaming without giving them any information.


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