Fourth stimulus check is coming right now if you live in this state

Here’s a testament to how badly people want a new stimulus check right now. A petition calling for $2,000 stimulus checks every month until the end of the pandemic is about to hit 3 million signatures. That’s one example among many of how people from all over the country very much hope to get a new payment soon. And some of them actually will — as soon as this week, thanks to California’s stimulus check efforts.

Stimulus payments for as much as $1,100 are being sent out to residents of the Golden State. Direct deposits actually started at the end of October, with paper checks following later. The latter process began on November 1, so you should definitely be getting one of those in the mail this week if you haven’t yet. Assuming you’re an eligible recipient, of course.

California stimulus checks arriving this week

What California is undertaking here has been said to be the biggest tax rebate in US history. In all, almost 70% of the state’s population is expected to get a check for at least $600 as part of California’s Golden State Stimulus II program.

Round one of the checks included some 600,000 payments. They went out to eligible California residents at the end of August. Meanwhile, a second batch sent checks to around 2 million California residents. They’re going out now every two weeks. And the payments amount to a kind of fourth stimulus payment for many residents of the state.

“The California Comeback Plan focuses on providing relief to those that need it most and major investments to address the state’s most persistent challenges,” Newsom’s office explained this summer. “The plan provides immediate cash relief to middle-class families and businesses hit hardest by the pandemic, creating the biggest state tax rebate in American history and the largest small business relief package in the nation.”

Even more checks are coming

It should be said: This also comes against the backdrop of a still-unfolding child tax credit effort. Which is pushing waves of monthly checks to Americans across the country, not just in California.

To that end, the penultimate child tax credit payment is coming in just one week — on November 15. After that, the final payment in the six-check series arrives on December 15…Read more>>


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