Everywhere You Can Get Free Food for Signing Up for Restaurant Reward Programs


Nothing in life is truly free. The maxim is largely true, but it’s true 100% of the time with restaurants. Nonetheless, you can swap an email address for some free goodies at tons of restaurants across the country.

Giving up personal information is certainly not free considering the noise it can create in your inbox and that some of the app-based programs have been a target for hackers, according to a New York Times report. Nonetheless, for some diners, it’s a trade they’re willing to make. If you’re among that crowd, this collection of reward programs will help you sift through the noise. Below you’ll find a breakdown of the perks and freebies you can expect from the variety of newsletters, apps, and programs offered by restaurants.

Here are all the perks and freebies you’ll find at chain restaurants in the US.

A&W Restaurants
Sign-up reward: No reward is specified.
Perks: Deals will be emailed to your inbox, and you’ll get a free root beer float on your birthday when you sign up for the A&W Mug Club.


Sign-up reward: Get a free appetizer when you sign-up.
Perks: E-Club members get updates on perks and deals via email.

Sign-up reward: Sign up for the more-than-just-roast-beef chain’s newsletter and you’ll start with a coupon for a free roast beef sandwich.
Perks: The newsletter throws promos your way, often including ways to get a free taste of new menu items.

Au Bon Pain
Sign-up reward: Get a free travel mug, which is almost as good as actual coffee.
Perks: “Special offers, promotions and event information” will be sent to your inbox, which is just vague enough to go either way.

Auntie Anne’s
Sign-up reward: You’ll get a free pretzel with your first purchase of at least $1.
Perks: Get 10 points for every $1 you spend, and a free pretzel for every 250 points you save up. You’ll also get other deals sent to you in the My Pretzel Perks app.

Bahama Breeze
Sign-up reward: You’ll get a coupon for a free appetizer with the purchase of an entrée.
Perks: You’ll get a reward on your birthday and offers sent to your inbox.

Baja Fresh
Sign-up reward: Start your stay in Club Baja with a free taco.
Perks: While Club Baja sounds like a place where you could hang out with Jimmy Buffet and Sammy Hagar, it’s actually a place where you’ll get a free perk on your birthday and “hundreds of dollars” in perks throughout the course of the year.

Sign-up reward: When you download the Baskin-Robbins app for the first time, you get a free regular-sized scoop as an in-app offer.
Perks: You’ll get an occasional deal delivered to you in the app.

Bd’s Mongolian Grill
Sign-up reward: When you sign up for the e-club, you’ll get $5 off your next visit.
Perks: You’ll also nab a free meal on your birthday and other deals sent to your inbox. Additionally, if you use the mobile app, you’ll get points for purchases that can be redeemed for free grub.

Sign-up reward: Grab a free side after you sign up.
Perks: B.GOOD will set you up with a free meal on your birthday. Additionally, you get one point for every dollar you spend. At 25 points you can get a free side or beverage. At 75 points, you can pick up a free smoothie. Or, if you’re a master of restraint, you can save your points until you hit 100 for a free entrée.

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse
Sign-up reward: Join the Premier Rewards Plus program, and they’ll hook you up with a free Pizookie. (That’s a deep-dish-inspired cookie if it wasn’t immediately clear from the weird portmanteau.)
Perks: You get a point for every dollar you spend in the program. One hundred points gets you a $10 reward. You’ll also get another free Pizookie on your birthday.

Black Angus Steakhouse
Sign-up reward: You’ll land a free dessert for signing up.
Perks: For your birthday, you’re getting a steak dinner. That’s not bad, but it’s only offered on your first birthday after joining the club. Outside of those deals, you’ll have exclusive offers dropped in your inbox.

Sign-up reward: Go big or go home, I guess. You get a free half-gallon of Legendary Iced Tea with your first purchase.
Perks: You’ll get a coupon for a free Bo-Berry Biscuit with any purchase on your birthday. You’ll also see deals hit your inbox with some frequency.

Bonefish Grill
Sign-up reward: None.
Perks: Get 50% off your meal on every fourth visit.

Bruegger’s Bagels
Sign-up reward: You’ll land a free bagel with cream cheese for your troubles.
Perks: You’ll be sent offers from time to time for being part of their Inner Circle.

Buffalo Wild Wings
Sign-up reward: You’ll have 50 points added to your account to get you going.
Perks: You’ll get 100 points for every $10 you spend. Then you can turn those points into rewards.

Carl’s Jr.
Sign-up reward: Sign up for the Carl’s Jr. promo club, and you’ll get a free small order of fries and a small beverage with the purchase of a Western Bacon Cheeseburger.
Perks: Exclusive offers are sent via email.

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen
Sign-up reward: When you sign up for the eclub, you’ll get a free order of chips and queso.
Perks: Members get food deals emailed to them.

Cold Stone Creamery
Sign-up reward: When you first sign-up for My Cold Stone Club Rewards, you get a BOGO coupon for a Creation.
Perks: Enter your phone number at checkout to get one point for every dollar you spend at Cold Stone. Every time you hit 50 points, you’ll get $5 to spend at the ice cream shop. No app required.

Cotton Patch Cafe
Sign-up reward: Grab a free appetizer when you sign up.
Perks: In addition to getting perks emailed to you, you’ll get a free dessert every year on your birthday and a free entrée on your anniversary.

Sign-up reward: 50 points added to your account.
Perks: You’ll get a point for every dollar you spend at Davanni’s. Then you’ll earn rewards for every 100 points you accumulate. At 100 and 200 points, you get a $5 off coupon. At 300 and 400 points, you get a $10 off coupon. Lastly, at 500 points, you get a $20 off coupon.

Del Taco
Sign-up reward: You’ll land a pair of free grilled chicken tacos or Del Tacos for signing up.
Perks: You can grab another pair of free tacos when you download the app, plus you’ll get rewards in your inbox and a free shake on your birthday…….Read more>>

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