Coronavirus prompts AT&T to waive fees for those without unlimited data


In response to the coronavirus outbreak, AT&T will be waiving data overage fees for all at-home internet subscribers who don’t already have unlimited access. Additionally, through Access from AT&T, it will continue to offer internet data to qualifying limited-income households for $10 a month.

AT&T joins Comcast, which launched its Internet Essentials Program in 2011 and is working on the best practices to increase access and speeds to low-income families during the virus pandemic. Since 2011, Comcast has connected millions of individuals to the internet through this program.

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AT&T declined to comment further.

It was reported earlier this week an employee of an AT&T store in Nashville, Tennessee, had been exposed to the respiratory virus but said she had been denied testing.

“This is not normal flu,” the 42-year-old employee told a local news station. “I couldn’t hardly breathe, I still can’t. I have to take constant short breaths. I literally hurt in my bones. I have not eaten in five days because I don’t want to get sick.”

A number of AT&T store employees across the country have reported exposure or have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. The company does not have in place a current compensation package for affected employees.



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