Child tax credit for $3,600: Calculate how much money you’ll actually get

The child tax credit starts July 15. But the amount you will receive can get complicated fast, with different age and income requirements. You can use our calculator below to help you get an estimate before the payments start arriving.

We recommend letting the IRS know about any income changes or number of dependents to make sure you get the right amount. Two IRS web portals will be available by July 1 to let you do that, as well as opt out of the partial monthly payments, if your family would rather receive the total amount in a single payment next year instead.

We’re still waiting to hear if the child tax credit payments will be extended, but we’ll keep you updated. We’ll also explain what nonfilers need to do to get the child tax credit money. As a parent, you might be interested in another credit that lets you claim up to $16,000 for child care expenses. Here’s what we know about a possible fourth stimulus check and what’s happening with states eliminating unemployment benefits early. We continue to update this story.

Calculate your child tax credit payments

Enter your adjusted gross income and number of dependents below to calculate your payment. (Our calculator will not store or use your data.) The results you get are based on our current knowledge of the law and should be treated as broad estimates only; the IRS will determine the final amount. We suggest consulting a financial professional for a more personalized estimate…Read more>>


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