Biden’s next stimulus bill could bring you more money: 5 ways you could benefit from his plan

Tonight, President Joe Biden is expected to unveil his administration’s plans for the next stimulus bill tonight in a speech before Congress. March’s stimulus bill was just the first leg of a three-part plan by  Biden to create jobs, reduce poverty and get more money into people’s hands to drive the US economy as it emerges from the pandemic this year. The first piece of Biden’s plan — the American Rescue Plan — start with the one-time stimulus checks for up to $1,400 a piece and runs through seven child tax credit payments and monthly $300 checks to fill in for lost wages for unemployed workers. The next two more stimulus proposals for 2021 would send more money directly to people and work to let individuals and families hold on to the money they already have.

The next the package up — which Biden is calling the American Jobs Plan — if approved would put more than $2 trillion into the US economy and create jobs through focusing on critical infrastructure. The second, called the American Families Plan, according to the Washington Post, could set aside $1 trillion for individuals and families.

Right now, the plans are just that, but we’ll be following its development. We’ll share every benefit we know so far. Plus, here’s what to expect from the enhanced child tax credit, what is happening with canceling student debt, how to claim money your state has of yours and how March’s stimulus bill can help you save money on health care costs.

 When would Biden’s American Families Plan bill arrive?

The American Families Plan is still months from approval. First, Biden and Congress are crafting the American Jobs Plan, a $2 trillion plan to build and upgrade roads and transportation hubs, improve the power grid, fund EV car charging, expand affordable housing and bring high-speed broadband to more rural areas…Read more>>


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