Biden unemployment plan: $400 weekly boost, extra benefits for six months


President-elect Joe Biden’s pandemic relief package would extend income support for millions of unemployed workers through September 2021 and increase jobless benefits by $400 a week, according to a speech outlining his plan on Thursday night.

Biden would also phase out higher unemployment benefits automatically over time, tying aid to economic and health conditions, according to an overview of the plan obtained by CNBC.

Such a measure would relieve Congress of drawing up new relief measures every few months, thereby avoiding a benefits cliff like one workers experienced in December.

The unemployment provisions are part of Biden’s $1.9 trillion proposal, the American Rescue Plan. In addition to extra unemployment benefits, the package contains direct relief for struggling families in the form of stimulus checks, eviction and foreclosure protections, and food assistance.


“A crisis of deep human suffering is in plain sight,” Biden said Thursday. “We have to act and we have to act now.”

His plan comes on the heels of a $900 billion relief measure passed at the end of last month…Read more>>



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