Best iPad Games 2021


While the best iPad is an amazing tool for productivity, it wouldn’t reach its full potentially without at least a few of the best iPad games.

Gaming on your iPad couldn’t be a better experience. It’s small enough to take with you everywhere, but with a big enough screen to allow for more precision with your taps, and it’s that deadly combination that makes me reach for my iPad to play my favorite mobile games over and over.

Whether you’re new to iPad gaming or are just looking for your next game to download, here are my top picks for the best iPad games.

I’m not really sure how I ever lived without Slay the Spire on my iPad, and it only came to iOS last year. The game is incredibly fun, challenging, and full of little interesting decisions that make no two times playing the game alike.

It’s a roguelike deckbuilding that tasks you to reach the top of the spire, but of course, plenty of enemies and weird other encounters you’ll need to go through to get there. Each run you’ll choose a character and start off with a deck of cards, that you need to utilize to defeat enemies and ascend the spire. As you go, you’ll get more cards to add to your deck, but you’ll need to be careful which cards you choose and how many you put in your deck, so it doesn’t become bloated and ineffective.Although it is a rogue like, meaning when you die, you start at the bottom of the spire again, you’ll never be bored. With different relics to find that give you special abilities, new cards, four unique characters, and a ton of interesting events that can give you a boon or a bane, no two games will ever feel the same…Read more>>



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