Best Credit Cards for Paying Off Debt for April 2022

Personal debt can happen to anyone. It’s easy to spend more than you have available in your bank account and let the balance inflate, especially with a high credit card APR.

Finding a new credit card to take on your balance is not the best or most affordable way to consolidate your debt– that would be a personal or debt consolidation loan.

However, the approval process for loans will be longer than credit cards, making credit cards one potential short-term option for financing a debt.

Introductory low or 0% APRs and balance transfer offers make credit cards an option to help cover debt costs, but be careful — using a credit card to pay off a debt brings significant risk.

Once intro APR periods expire, balances can snowball. Prepare a repayment plan for your debt before adding a balance to any card.

If you’ve decided to use a new credit card to deal with personal debt, here are our best partner offers with long 0% introductory periods and low APRs. We’ll update this list periodically as rates and terms for cards change…Read more>>


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