Apple now offering onsite device repair in 6 US cities


Apple is now offering onsite device repairs to customers in six US cities.

As reported by MacRumors, the service is now available in San Francisco, LA, NYC, Chicago, Houston, and Dallas.

Alongside the standard repair options, booking an appointment or sending your device away for repair, customers can now book to have an Apple Authorized Service Provider repair their device at their home or office.

The service will incur an additional fee on top of the provider’s standard repair cost, and when you click the ‘Book through this provider’ link, it takes you to the site of the party offering services. Go Tech Services seems to be the top provider in each of the cities where the new service is available.


Until now Apple had only offered onsite services for its enterprise customers, and whilst the new feature is provided by an ASP and not Apple itself, this will still be a welcome improvement to those who cannot easily access either an Apple Store or an ASP, or simply don’t have the time to travel for such appointments.

If you visit Go Tech Services’ website directly, you get the following message:

In order to request our service, you must have arrived from the Apple Support website. You either did not arrive here directly from Apple or there was an error processing your request.

This seems to suggest that the Go Tech Services operates exclusively through Apple, as you cannot book a repair with them without first being sent from Apple’s website.

As mentioned this is only available in six select cities, there is no indication at this time as to whether Apple plans to roll out this service anywhere else.

To book an onsite repair, simply head to Apple’s support page.


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