Apple iPhone 12 review: The best iPhone for most people

Among the press and technology enthusiasts, the iPhone 12 Pro gets the focus. It’s the high-end model with all of the features, and price be damned, we all want one. But that overlooks the fact that most people have more reasonable expectations and budgets, and are immediately drawn to the standard iPhone 12.

The iPhone 12 is the phone that gets people in the door (or on the website), where they then have the option of changing their choice to a Mini, Pro, or Pro Max. And that puts a lot of burden on the iPhone 12: It has to be really good because most people pick it by default. Here’s how well it lives up to the expectations. And why it is, indeed, the best iPhone 12 model for most people.

Hardware, design, and display

The iPhone 12 is exactly the same size as the 12 Pro — Apple’s own cases are interchangeable. And with a case on the phone, the only way you can tell it’s not a Pro is the missing third camera lens — though you still get the large squircle camera housing, reminding you of the space that would be occupied by more sensors if you had spent more money.

But if you’re bold enough to use your phone without a case, or are at least drawn to the idea that you would carry it naked, there are many other differentiators in the hardware. First is the colors, which by now you’ve undoubtedly seen lined up looking like a bowl of Skittles. The iPhone 12’s colors are fun, playful, and bright — even this blue one which, alongside the black, is one of the relatively subdued options.

The iPhone 12’s frame is made of aluminum, not stainless steel like the 12 Pro, and that metal is finished in a matte texture to the 12 Pro’s hyper gloss. It takes that gloss to the back glass instead, which is a boon for grip but is an absolute fingerprint smudge magnet — it will never, ever be clean after the moment you take it out of its box.

Smudges aside, which are just a reality of modern glass-backed phones, the iPhone 12 is striking. It’s a truly beautiful design, and I’m so happy we’re back to these angular lines from the metal pillow shapes of the last few years. There’s just more for your fingers and eyes to explore, and it’s actually easy to hold. Even more so with the 12, which is about 15% lighter than the 12 Pro, although that lightness contributes to it feeling a little cheap or flimsy. If you’d never held the 11 Pro or 12 Pro you wouldn’t think about it, though — this is just a light and easy-to-manage phone…Read more>>


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