American Airlines offers passport scanning on its mobile app for international travel


American Airlines passengers are now able to scan their passports onto their mobile apps when they check in to international flights, the company announced Wednesday.

Before the airline released the new feature, passengers who checked in to international flights on the app still had to get their passports checked at the airport by a customer service agent — even if they already uploaded a photo of their passport on the app.

American Airlines is offering the first service that can scan a passport’s Near Field Communication (NFC) chip and securely send that information to the mobile app for check-in, according to a press release issued Wednesday.

“We are continuously adding features to our app to make travel easier and worry-free for our customers,” Maya Leibman, American’s chief information officer, said in a statement. “Mobile passport scanning removes a time-consuming step, providing our customers with a smoother check-in experience for international flights.”


The service works with iOS and Android devices, according to the press release.

According to the press release, American Airlines is the first to offer mobile passport scanning for international flights. (American Airlines)

American Airlines has also started offering other helpful features on its app for passengers, including notifications for boarding and Siri shortcuts, the release said. The app also has an option to be used in dark mode.

The airline’s newer services also include biometric boarding for international flights, virtual 3-D tours of its aircraft online and an updated self-service kiosk menu, according to the press release.

American Airlines has also improved its family seating system, “which ensures adults and kids under 14, when traveling together on the same reservation, are seated together,” the release said.

Source:- foxbusiness


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