Amazon Prime users can now choose which day to have packages delivered


Free two-day shipping is one of the best reasons to sign up for Amazon Prime, but on some rare occasions, it isn’t all that beneficial. What if you happen to be out of town on the day it arrives, and don’t want it to sit unattended on your doorstep until you get back? Well, Amazon finally has a solution for this problem: Amazon Day.

Rolling out to all Prime subscribers today, Amazon Day lets you pick the day you want your order to be delivered. Not only will all of the boxes arrive on the day of your choosing, but opting for Amazon Day also gives Amazon the ability to combine your orders when possible and cut down on the number of boxes it uses.


Amazon first began testing Amazon Day on an invite-only basis with select users late last year, and says the program reduced packaging by “tens of thousands” of boxes after running for several months.

“Amazon Day adds another level of convenience to the many shipping benefits Prime members already enjoy,” said Maria Renz, Vice President of Delivery Experience at Amazon. “Prime members can now choose to get their orders delivered together in fewer boxes whenever possible on the day that works best for them.”

If you want to pick a specific day to have your order arrive, select the “Amazon Day” option at checkout. You will have the chance to pick whichever day of the week works best for you. If you place another order later in the week, you can select “Amazon Day” again to have those items delivered alongside your previous orders for free.


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