Amazon Prime Day 2021: 18 deals we expect to see

Amazon Prime Day is a shopping event without equal. While you can expect Prime Day deals on a massive selection of products, the window of opportunity can be brief. But there’s always an early selection of Prime Day offerings you can rely on, and that’s what I’ve tried to gather here.

The biggest 2021 Prime Day deals are still unknown outside of Amazon and its partners, but I’ve done my best to pull together some expected deals based on past Prime Days. Some deals we’ve been covering for the last couple of weeks have already gone live, and others we expect to see leading up to June 21.

Three things to note about the list below:

  • The deals we have marked as Live Now are things you can actually buy on Amazon at that marked price today.
  • We’re highlighting the prices we expect for upcoming deal, which aren’t guaranteed. We’re making highly educated guesses.
  • Our research on prospective deals is backed by tools like Camelcamelcamel, which highlights the price history for tons of things.

This list isn’t comprehensive. We’ll be expanding it in the weeks and months ahead.

The less expensive version of the nationally popular Ring Video Doorbell is getting its first major discount, dropping the price to $45 if you have the urge to wire it yourself. This is a great option for anyone replacing an existing wired doorbell, and with a price like this it’d be silly not to snag one for yourself.

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