All You Need To Know About Electricity Bills in Germany

Did you just move to the new apartment in Germany and figure out how electricity bills are working? As an adult living on your own, you will have to pay bills for electricity and the hot water and heating costs either to your landlord or direct to the providers.

Hot water and heating costs are paid directly to the landlord, while electricity to the providers. In Germany, the average annual electricity bill for single-person households is 415 EUR, while hot water and heating can cost between 50 EUR and 200 EUR per month.

In Germany, when you live in an apartment by yourself, you will need to pay bills on your own. Tenants deal with separate bills for various services and utilities. This article explains how much electricity costs in Germany, how to calculate your bill, the average bill, and finally, how you pay it. Check out your new electricity plan in this comparison tool.

Generally, rent is divided into two parts in Germany: cold (Kaltmiete) and warm rent (Warmmiete). Cold rent doesn’t include utilities like hot water and heating, and warm rent does include it.

Furthermore, electricity is usually separated from the warm rent. Hence, tenants have to sign up with an electricity provider themselves.

That way, you will pay your electricity bills directly to the electricity provider. Thanks to the online electricity cost calculators and comparison platforms, it’s easy to find a cheap provider in Germany.

At the moment, company Vattenfall (VATTENFALL) offers the cheapest rates for electricity in Germany. Moreover, Vattenfall is one of the largest suppliers of electricity and gas in Germany. For eco electro energy, we recommend Yello.

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